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        Latest Additions

        Manual Snow Survey Observations Da...

        July 27, 2015

        This data file contains the archived snow pack level manual observations from across British Columbia. Manual snow courses or sites are actively surveyed as part of the [BC Snow Survey program]( Manual snow surveys are conducted up to eight times per year around the beginning of every month from January through June with extra me... Learn more

        Long-term Change in Air Temperatur...

        July 23, 2015

        These data sets support the change in air temperature and precipitation climate change indicators published on-line by [Environmental Reporting BC]( and in the report [Indicators of Climate Change in British Columbia (2015 Update)]( ... Learn more

        BC Species and Ecosystems Conserva...

        July 09, 2015

        These tabular data files contain the historical conservation status information on approximately 7400 plants and animals and over 600 ecological communities in British Columbia. Current year conservation status data are available through the [BC Species and Ecosystems Explorer]( on-li... Learn more

        Integrated Petroleum System (IPS) ...

        July 02, 2015

        The Integrated Petroleum System (IPS) web search tool, or IPSWeb, is the public search interface to the provincial tenure registries administered under the Petroleum and Natural Gas Act and the Geothermal Resources Act. Learn more

        Draft Viewpoints for the Cariboo R...

        June 25, 2015

        Draft viewpoints leading to viewlines and into viewscapes for the Cariboo Region. Learn more

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        DataBC Blog

        From Kelowna to Kamloops – Building the BCDev Community

        June 23, 2015

        By Loren Mullane, Community Engagement, BCDevExchange In the early days of the BCDevExchange, we heard a key message from the BC Innovation Council’s (BCIC) experienced technology network: “Don’t build this idea behind a desk in Victoria. Get out and talk to the provincial tech industry.” Driven by this sage advice, we have been testing the idea of the BCDevExchange at regular ... Read more