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Latest Additions

Labour Market Outlook

January 28, 2015

Reports on future supply, demand and supply-demand balance for occupations across BC's development regions. These reports provide projections to identify occupations in BC at various skill levels that may face shortages of workers. Files include: Labour Market Outlook Regional Data by 3-digit, Labour Market Outlook BC Data by 4-digit, and Labour Market Outlo... Learn more

First Nation Treaty Side Agreement

January 27, 2015

This layer shows areas that are specifically referenced in a treaty side agreement, along with pertinent attribute information. Please refer to the relevant treaty side agreement for more information. Learn more

Wildlife Species Inventory Survey ...

January 05, 2015

A wildlife observation is an encounter with the focal species (taxa) or its sign. An observation is made when a surveyor makes a visit to a sampling location (Design Component) on a specific date at a specific time. Each observation may be geo-referenced in itself or simply by association with a specific Design Component. Observations may include information... Learn more

Lithology of Ground Water Wells

January 05, 2015

Point features showing the lithology at locations of ground water wells in BC. This layer is an instantiation of the spatial view GW_WATER_WELLS_LITHOLOGY_SVW. Learn more

Provincial Oil and Gas Tenure Regi...

January 05, 2015

A multi-file snapshot of provincial Crown petroleum and natural gas tenure in British Columbia. The data is provided in a format intended for use by data integrators and others interested in viewing the data in a relational database. Please refer to the included data dictionary for a complete listing of data definitions. Learn more

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DataBC Blog

Promoting Geographic Data Literacy through Open Data, Education and Awareness

November 13, 2014

Guest blog by Dr. Shivanand Balram, Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University We live in a data-oriented society. We create and collect private data using our smart phones or use public data provided by institutions. Sometimes we combine private and public data to improve our understanding of a situation. In many ways our daily experience is shaped by data quality and qu... Read more