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        Regulated Private Water Utilities

        February 09, 2016

        This points layer displays the general locations of regulated private water utilities across the province of British Columbia. A private water utility under the Water Utility Act is a person/business who owns or operates equipment or facilities for the delivery of domestic water service to five (5) or more persons or to a corporation for compensation. Privat... Learn more

        Historical DriveBC Events 2014

        February 01, 2016

        This dataset will include all the published events from DriveBC for 2014. The data includes normal and major events. The events types include: Road Conditions, Incidents, Future Planned, and Current Planned. Learn more

        Okanagan Conservation Ranking Poly...

        January 14, 2016

        This spatial layer contains the Okanagan Conservation Ranking Polygons, which is part of the Okanagan Region Biodiversity Conservation Strategy (Keeping Nature in Our Future). Okanagan Conservation Ranking Polygons classifies ecosystems into four relative conservation ranks: low, moderate, high and very high. This is a multipart polygon feature. Learn more

        Land Act Transfer of Administratio...

        January 11, 2016

        This featureclass object is only accessible to select BC Government users. For the purposes of the Mineral Titles Online application, this dataset displays the transfers of land (administration/control) from the Provincial Government to the Federal Government. For the public interest, the administration of an area can be transferred by the Lieutenant Govern... Learn more

        Water Survey of Canada Sub-Sub-Dra...

        January 07, 2016

        Atlas of Canada 1,000,000 National Frameworks Data, Hydrology - Drainage Areas (WSC sub-sub drainage areas) from the Natural Resources Canada GeoGratis website. The dataset has been clipped to drainage areas within or adjacent to B.C. Learn more

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        DataBC Blog A Digital Hub of Community Data

        February 04, 2016

        Guest blog by Sue Wheatley, Online International Marketing, International Trade Wondering where to find up-to-date data about communities in B.C.? Or where to see what investment opportunities are available in our Province? Look no further than, B.C.’s Trade and Investment website. Data drives business The Province of British Columbia recently launched a dyna... Read more