DataBC offers data connection services that allow users to view thousands of data layers from the BC Geographic Warehouse (BCGW) in geospatial software or custom web-based applications. DataBC data connection services are listed in below. They are all available in the industry standard Web Map Service (WMS), and some also in Google Earth’s popular Keyhole Markup Language (KML), and ArcGIS Server REST services.

  • Allow great flexibility in map creation and data sharing of geospatial data within the BC Geographic Data Warehouse; and
  • Conform to the OpenGIS Web Map Server Interface specification and the Government of Canada's Standard on Geospatial Data.

Once you have established a connection, your software or application will automatically receive any data updates from the BCGW. This ensures you have access to the most up-to-date data without needing to repeatedly download the data.

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BCGW Web Map Service (WMS)
BC Imagery Web Map Services (WMS)
Base Mapping Tiled Services (WMS and REST)
Consuming and using WMS Service

BCGW Web Map Service (WMS)

A WMS produces maps of spatially referenced data dynamically from geographic information. WMS-produced maps are generally rendered in a pictorial format such as PNG, GIF or JPEG, or as vector-based graphical elements in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) or Keyhole Markup (KML) formats. A WMS classifies its geographic information holdings into “Layers” and offers a finite number of predefined “Styles” in which to display those layers. The DataBC BCGW Public WMS service has hundreds of layers with multiple styles associated with each. As a queryable WMS service offering, users are able to make requests that provide attribute information regarding a point, line or polygon.

Discover public Web Map Services (WMS)

See the BC Data Catalogue for

Find Services at the Feature Class level by

View the services by

  • Clicking on the "getCapabilities request"

BC Imagery Web Map Services (WMS)

The following is a list of WMS services that provide non-queryable imagery. These wms offer spectacular imagery of the entire province of British Columbia. Orthophoto mosaics, satellite imagery, and hillshaded relief are all available in various pixel sizes from 30m down to one-half metre.

Base Mapping Tiled Services (WMS and REST)

The following services are available as non-queryable ArcGIS REST Services and WMS. These services use map caching (a very effective way to make basemap services run faster):

Consuming and using WMS Service

There are two main ways in which to consume DataBC's WMS service.

  • The first is through client applications which support WMS. Instructions on how to consume WMS services via these client applications can often be found on their websites.
  • The Second is through API specifications for application development.

The Open GeoSpatial Consortium currently lists organizations with products and specification implementations that support WMS. Some of these applications require the full getcapabilities url and some of them ONLY need the first part of the URL (ie. everything before the '?' such as this: Documentation on how to connect is typically available at a vendor’s website. Examples below direct you to third party instructions on how to connect using some of the more popular applications and APIs.

Using Web Map Services within client desktop applications such as:

Using Web Maps Services through application programming interface (API) specifications such as: